This instructions are written for Ramp

  • Enter https://ramp.network/buy/
  • Change to Sweden(EURO) or your currency and fill in how much you will pay and click Proceed at the bottom.


  • Enter the Bitcoin address you received in your order confirmation according to the instructions below. Then click on Confirm & Proceed.


  • Then select Card and click PROCEED
  • Fill in your information below under Billing Address, then click on SAVE BILLING ADDRESS.
  • Fill in your card details according to the picture below, then click on ADD CARD.
  • Then click BUY NOW to complete the transaction.


400: Invalid selector

Value not within axis bounds of wght

Roboto:ital,wght@0,0,3000,4001,4000,5000,6001,6000,7001,7000,8001,8000,9000,1001,1000,2001,2000,3001,3000,4001,4000,5001,5000,6001,6000,7001,7000,8001,8000,9001,900 ^

For reference,see the Google Fonts API documentation.