HOW TO's for different devices

We help you get started with IPTV

If you have bought a Tvip S412, we recommend that you connect your box with an ethernet cable. If you connect with WIFI, you can also expect that you will experience lag & chills in the picture

1. Connect everything and start the box
2. Select the language and time zone and complete the device update to the latest software
3. The device restarts after the update
4. Go to Settings and then to Network
5. Write down the MAC address for activating a trial account or purchasing a subscription
6. Go to TV in the left menu and change all settings so that it is as follows:

Stream Source: Multicast
UDPXY Server:
MPEG-TS Buffering, msec: 5000
DVR Storage: No storage
Timeshift storage: Internal storage
Auto-timeshifting: ON
Content Source: Web Portal

Below the Content Source: Web Portal there is a button that says Setup Web portal. Tap it and set the following settings:

Portal URL: http: // dinurl: 2095 / c /
Portal Manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole System

Then press Apply.

Newer TVs have a hard time synchronizing Update Frequency (Hertz / FPS) with the box and then you can get so-called FPS LAGG. You solve this by going to Settings – Display and setting HDMI Auto Framerate to ON.


Inside a channel:
if you press the Magnifier you can change the language / subtitle (if available in the channel) or activate 3D
MENU: Press Aspect Ratio to change the aspect ratio eg 4: 3, 16: 9 etc.
Gears: Opens the TVIP System Settings
Button at the bottom left: Can also change the Aspect ratio in a channel


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