HOW TO's for different devices

We help you get started with IPTV

IPTV from IPTVStream is pretty simple. There are different setups depending on which kind of device you are using. Below you see a list of quick how to’s for your device. If you are missing something, please ask us.

  1. Download an IPTV app from the play store you want to use. Tivimate Premium is a popular choice but there is free options to like XCIPTV and IPTV SMARTERS)
  2. Paste the M3U link that you got from us.
  3. Done!

NOTE! Works only with Apple TV 4 and 4k!

Download and install GSE Smart Iptv Pro from the appstore to your device. The Pro version of GSE Smart Iptv Pro comes with a small cost. If you just want to test, we recommend you download the demo version.

  1. Open the GSE SMART IPTV app on your Apple TV.
  2. Accept the terms.
  3. Click on the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose “Add M3U URL”
  5.  Type in a name for the playlist (any name you want, it doesn’t matter). Type in the link that you got from us and click on “Add”.
  6. Choose the playlist you just created and then select which channel group you want.
  7. Select a channel of your choosing and just lean back and enjoy the power of IPTV!

  1. Launch the box and install all updates.
  2. Go to the Market app and download the Audio Optimizer
  3. Go to the MY TVOnline app
  4. You will get a pop up box, click on edit, Enter IPTVStream, under url / service enter the following: http://YOUR-URL:2095 /c/ then click the tab button and go down to ok.
    Now your TV is ready to start for a subscription from us.

Tips and features

With the red button you can add text to channels and VOD.
To connect to our massive movie library, go to the app MY TVonline / Menu / VOD.
If you want to create a favorite list from different countries, you can do so by pressing the blue button. That channel will then be saved under favorites. The best thing about Formulas is that you can add channels from different countries to one and the same list.

NOTE! The installation wizard assumes that you are configuring a brand new device.


  1. Go to Settings then System Settings
  2. Scroll down to Software Update, then press OK then the Red button to update the software. Wait a few minutes and the box will restart.
  3. Go to Settings then System Settings.
  4. Go to Video and change to 1080p and 1920 × 1080 Press OK and go back (SKIP THIS STEP FOR MAG256 AS IT FEELS THIS ITSELF)
  5. Go to Servers
  6. Go to General and enter press OK and go back
  7. Tap Portals
  8. On the first portal, enter this
    Portal Name: IPTVStream
    Portal URL: http://YOUR-URL:2095/c/

    You do not need to fill in anything for other Portals. Press OK to save and return.
  9. Go to Advanced Settings and change the time zone to local time to make the EPG work. Press OK to save
  10. Now you go back until you get out, the box will say that it needs to reboot to be able to use the new settings. Let it restart.
    Now you come to our portal. Before you start watching TV, do one last thing. Swipe right until you get to Settings, then Advanced Settings and change the Buffer Size from 0 to 15, go down the list and press OK.
  11. Now you can start to watch and enjoy all the world’s TV channels through IPTV.

Download and install GSE SMART IPTV PRO from the app store in your phone or tablet. If you want to avoid advertising in the app, you can unlock it by purchasing it in the app.

  2. Accept the terms
  3. Select the settings menu – The 3 horizontal bars at the top left
  4. Select Remote playlist
  5. Click the + at the top right to add new playlists
  6. Select Add M3U URL
  7. Fill in any name and paste the link you receive from us and select Add.
  8. Select your newly added playlist and then which channel group you want.
  9. Select the desired channel and press Play
  10. DONE!


Do you have a smart TV in your home? Good for you! The smart IPTV app is then exactly what you have been looking for, it is the perfect solution for people who really want to unleash the potential of your smart tv and start using Americas best IPTV service.

We are constantly working to find new apps & services so that you can easily get started with IPTV on your smart TV or other devices. You will not find any other IPTV provider with the same knowledge & service that you get from us.
If you have any questions, you can easily reach us by asking your question in or chat or contact form.

Instructions for installing IPTV on your Smart TV

Follow these steps and you will quickly get started with by far the best IPTV experience in the USA.

  1. Log in to the playstore and download the Smart IPTV app
  2. Write down the Mac address that you find in the smart Iptv app
  3. Go to
  4. Enter the Mac address in the mac field
  5. Paste the m3u link in the url field
  6. Change Exussr to iptv
  7. Check detect EPG and keep online then press send

Instructions for Set IPTV

  1. Download the SET IPTV app on your TV.
  2. Open the app
  3. On your mobile, PC, tablet or what you’re using, go to this url:
  4. Enter your mac address in the SET IPTV app on TV under TV MAC
  5. Paste the M3U link you received from us in the M3U URL field.
  6. In the anti-spam, check “I´m not a robot” and select the correct images
  7. Press send and restart the app
  8. Now you’re finished, enjoy our IPTV with Set iPTV!

Instructions for Net IPTV

1. Download the NET IPTV app on your smart TV
2. Open the app
3. On your mobile, PC, tablet or what you’re using, go to this url:
4. Enter your mac address which is in the NET IPTV app on the TV at the bottom left and then press DELETE ALL M3U / URL
5. Enter your mac address
6. Click ADD LIST and then enter the M3u link that you received from us by email.
7. Restart the app, you should see the new channel list you uploaded.
8. Done! Enjoy IPTV from SwooshIPTV on your NET IPTV app.

If you prefer video instructions, you can follow this guide

Installation instructions for MyIPTV Player (Windows 10)

MYIPTV Player (Win 10)
Open the app, press settings

Click on “add new Playlist and epg source”.

Under remote channel list
Name: write IPTVStream
Under URL, paste the m3u link you received from us in the email and then press add remote list.

The same goes for Program Guide (EPG)
Name: IPTVStream EPG
Epg Source URL: paste the EPG file you received from us in the email then press Add EPG source.

Now go back to settings at the top left.

Now select IPTVStream under Select channel list press refresh.

The same goes for select EPG source.

Now you are ready to use your IPTV!

Toggle Content

Start Mytvonline2

Select add portal

Portal Nickname: IPTVStream

Portal URL: Here you enter the portal you receive from us by email

“Login required” must NOT be checked

Now select OK and the channels will be loaded!

Below is also a video to see how it goes if something is unclear.

Download the app and open it.

Tap the menu at the top left.

Go down to the Xtream Codes Api tab.

Press +.

Name the list to IPTVStream, enter the information you received from us by email (Xtream Codes Log in). Check auto update and add. Then click on the list you created ( IPTVStream ).

Now press install epg data once it has finished loading, just start looking.

– Live TV = All channels.
– VOD = All ilmer.
– Series = All series.


  • Start by downloading the app on your current TV, search on FlixIPTV.
  • Open the app and select Settings
  • Write down your MAC address which looks like below

  • Go to
  • Select the My List tab

  • Paste your mac address from the FLIXIPTV App
  • Paste your M3U Url that you received from NordicStream
  • Click Submit
  • Then restart the App on the TV

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